Monday, March 10, 2014

the start into 2014

I’ve written this post over and over, and no, it’s not a good-bye. I miss this space, but the time is scarce and I hardly get to sit down and write it all down, the way I want it, without interruption, without my thoughts wandering off only to come back and write it all fast without a coherent how did we get here.

Lagamta and all that’s attached to it is taking up most of my time. Fb, Pinterest, Twitter, all need their time and I haven't been much of an online person until now apart from Ravelry, my Feedly reader and this blog. I'm joining the conversations out there more and more these days, which felt unnatural first, for an introvert like me.

Yes, I'm happiest alone or with those closest to me. Give me some yarn, a good book, some good tv series, and the time will fly without me missing anyone for days and weeks. I have my little family and I treasure our times together, this is a tough and demanding time to be a parent, but I know that we’ll cherish these memories once our daughter is grown. And our knees might hurt this evening from having played tigers, lions, wolves and cats for all afternoon, but we will never regret having spent time with each other.

The new year has started and I also want to review 2013. Fairisle did not happen. In fact, it was a fail. I started Ursula cardigan with such a joy, all my attention was consumed by it. I already envisaged how I was going to wear it, I adore the design, the wool, it seemed a perfect match. What I did not consider, was that this wasn’t a pattern for my body. With no shaping, it’d have turned to be a nice embroidered sack. I tried putting in some waist shaping, but it was not working. In short, I haven’t touched this project in months. I cannot bear the thought of ripping it out, but that’s what’ll have to be.

So what's in for 2014? I decided I'll go from Amy to Stephen and back. If I want an item that should fit, I'll turn to Amy's designs and especially her custom fit website. If, however, I want a crazy item without thinking about fit or future wearing/not wearing of the clothing piece, I will turn to Stephen West and alike designs that have no intention of having to fit.

Again, some random numbers "at the start of the year":
- 185 Rav projects, 38 finished in 2013, which might be wrong as I did not care to double-check it twice.
- 45 items queued, yes, I cleaned up the queue, 2 items have made it into queue in 2014 already.
- no new chocolate cake recipes learnt last year, I know now how to make a fool-proof Flammkuchen.


  1. I hope you'll have a wonderful 2014! :)

  2. Blogging does sometimes just fall to the wayside — especially, I gather, when there are small humans involved. I barely wrote anything last year. As long as you're doing things that make you happy, that's really the important thing.

  3. Oh, please do not worry about blog so much! Of course you will have ups and downs in bogging from time to time, it is normal. Sometimes, I even do not want to open my blog at all. The other time I feel that I think about it all the time and I am so eager to get to my laptop:)


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