Wednesday, December 4, 2013

old news; Stephen-West-worthy

If you're on Ravelry, then you've seen these pictures already. This is my Paris sweater, a very mindless knit that used up my scraps of some sockweight yarn and proved to me that I am ready for my very own Enchanted Mesa. I am picking out some special skeins for that.

This sweater was started with what now is my "back side", Noro Kureyon Sock. I started adding some brown garter stripes in a discontinued Schoppel-Wolle yarn here and there. Then I realized that I had nowhere enough of Noro to finish this, thus, I mirrored the whole thing for the front, reversing the colours. When I was done, I saw that I still need some length and Noro yarn was gone, so I took in some red Wollmeise for garter stripes and the same brown Schoppel-Wolle for the stockinette area. Once the needed length was achieved, I cast off.

This is the most fun knit that I LOVE wearing. And I've converted two knitters who thought Paris was not flattering to knitting this pattern as well. Right now, this is the most me-knit that I own. Brown? Tick. Red? Tick! Not off the rack? Tick!

My lesson from this is: I will knit either knit customfit or Stephen-West-crazy garments.


  1. That is GORGEOUS! I want one exactly like it! The stripes really add interest.

  2. I love it!!! So beautiful, and it looks great on you. As soon as my Christmas knitting is done, I may have to cast on for my own. As always - thanks for the creative inspiration!

  3. this is gorgeous! Hard to believe it was a bit of a stashbuster, it turned out so well!

  4. Tikrai vienas pačių gražiausių šio modelių variantų. Ir vienareikšmiškai kūrybiškiausiai išspręstas!

  5. this so nice and unique! I love the black and gray and red stripes they look great together :) nice job!
    Take care,

  6. apleidau Ravelry ir nebematau naujienų!
    labai faina versija, net nepažinau, toks savitas gavosi :)
    o į Enchanted Mesa ir aš labai varvinu seilę :)) bet kol kas siūlų derinių nesugalvojau

  7. Your Paris sweater is really lovely. It seems so cozy and warm! I love sweater like this as they do not hamper movements.


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