Friday, November 22, 2013

yet another week

This year is seriously flying by. This morning we woke up to this...

That is good news to me. The past weeks have felt like snow was near. It was chilly and all autumn I planned knitting camp out wrist warmers for my toddler but never came round to it. It was too late for wrist warmers, we seriously needed mittens. Finally, last week I knit these in an evening. The pattern is very recommendable, it's spot on for my two-year old.

I used Schoppel-Wolle Gradient leftovers, and I still have more than enough. Maybe I will make a few more. Toddlers loose things, right?

Speaking of Gradient, I recently visited Schoppel-Wolle factory shop in Wallhausen and got two other skeins that were meant to become something (maybe Christmas presents). And I just knit two cowls according to the same pattern

One in blue...

And one in black, which is still drying...

The blue skein had two knots in it, which was very disappointing. I could not use some of the yarn as the joint was becoming too obvious.

I used 4mm needles for both cowls instead of 5mms, which makes for a denser yet also a shorter cowl. This goes very fast, so if you are looking for some Xmas knitting, this might be a pattern for you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Tikiuosi, pirštines tai su gumuku ar šniūruku sujungsi ir per striukės/palto rankoves perversi, kad tabaluotų nepasimesdamos.

    O variantus tai galėsi derint, ir prie pirštinių tinkamą kepurę-šaliką dar megzti.. x

    Su! x

    1. Čia pirštinės prie šaliko, kuris jau yra. Siūlų yra, tai galima ir atsarginių variantų pamegzt.

  2. Great projects. I like the cowl, this would make a great gift!

  3. Love the projects, great gradient colour!

  4. We got snow this week as well. Though I cannot say that I am happy about it, it does look pretty!
    I have no time for knitted Christmas presents this year, so I commend you for taking that on!

  5. These mittens are so cute! I really love that bright pink color! Great job, you are really fast:)


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