Thursday, November 14, 2013

FO: Esjan in fall colours

A must-knit. This shawl is big, warm, has interesting details and went fast. What more can a knitter ask? It is really a very clever construction. 

This was a first Stephen West pattern for me. You may think of him whatever you like, but he is one of the most creative knitting designers out there. His pictures led me to think he was a creatively chaotic type. Or maybe chaotically creative? His patterns are surely not boring. His patterns clearly stir up the knitting world on Ravelry. Just check out the comments on his latest designs.

As the quality of knitwear patterns varies greatly, it was a relief to see Stephen's clearly and meticulously written instructions. He's a professional and no wannabe. And in support of him I'm purchasing definitely one pattern out of The Amazing Sweater Trio.

For now I am cozying up in this. Don't be jealous, just get out your yarn and knit! :)


  1. I we not have considered it until I saw it on u! This is very clever!

  2. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of a new designer, how have I not heard of him before??? This is really pretty!


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