Friday, October 11, 2013

on blankets again

This time I blame Martina Behm (for that, what's to come and for the fact that I just discovered her website and spent a good half hour reading through past posts).

Photo © Martina Behm
From the description of her new pattern, Angles:
Recently I read about how making your bed in the morning and putting on a pretty bedspread can make a real difference for your day: Minutes after getting up you have already done something to turn your home into a more pleasant place. What used to be chaotic is now neat, a true joy to look at and lifts your spirit! That sounded great to me, but I did not have a bedspread that I liked. So – of course! – I knit one. In soft and squishy, beautiful and simple garter stitch. Also modularly, so there is no sewing involved, but totally reversible (even the joining lines look good from both sides) and with a geometrically intriguing design: Each triangle is knit in a different direction, but each one features a right angle (hence the name).

I do not need any further convincing that a knitted blanket is a good idea, do you? Now, I do have to add that I have been looking for that right blanket idea for a while now.

First I thought, I will use my worsted weight leftovers (and yarn that needs to be re-purposed) to knit a Garter Stitch blanket by Stephen West:

Photo © Stephen West
I need a blanket that can act both as a bed-throw and a thing to cuddle in for our family. Garter Stitch blanket is tempting as it'd knit up fast, but wouldn't it be too heavy? After all, it's worsted weight doubled.

Probably one of the most stylish blanket designs that are out there is the Kex blanket. Again by the oh so talented Mr. West.

Photo © Stephen West
I would have enough yarn for two of the needed colours, but the rest would be a patchwork. Stephen encourages in his pattern description to use leftovers "for an even more colorful blanket", but I fear that would mess up the beauty of this pattern. This means, I'd need to buy more yarn.

Or maybe I should go with some plain colourblocking and knit a simple baby blanket (only enlarged)?

Photo © purlsoho

Then again, I remember how much I like the airiness of Zig and Zag Pram Baby blanket that I knit for my daugher. I could do a family version of this. It'd take a year, but it'd be worth it for sure.

Though perhaps, just because life is short and my knitting queue is not, I should go for something new? Like this Breezy Baby Blanket?

Photo © Anna & Heidi Pickles
And now after admitting that I have enough fingering weight yarn to knit a spread for a double bed, I will go and hide in my stash, embarrassed.

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  1. Never be embarrassed about your stash! Enjoy it, hide in it if you like, but enjoy it. Can't wait to see what blanket you create.


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