Monday, November 12, 2012

the beginnings of a lace shawl

These are the beginnings of a shawl. Funny, my queue is full of shawls & scarfs to knit but when it came to choosing a pattern for my one Briar Rose Sea Pearl skein, I had to yet find the perfect match. The hardest thing about this pattern seems to have been the CO edge of 361 stitches. Oh how I hate counting the stitches. Putting a marker after each 100th one did help a bit. Once that and the set up row were done, it is smooth sailing. I hope to have some more knitting time next week and this looks like the right choice. It is nice to be knitting a lace shawl with rows going shorter and the pattern becoming easier towards the end for a change.


  1. I hate co so many stitches, I have to put markers after 20 stitches otherwise I get confused...


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