Friday, November 30, 2012


If you are a knitter, then you must be getting it just as much as me. A friend/ a relative or an acquaintance comes up and says "oh, my aunt/mother/whoever used to knit and I have this yarn that you surely can use for something".  Or better: they see yarn in stores where normally people do grocery shopping and think they will surely please me by buying it for me. No no no! Only a fellow knitter who knows what I knit and like is able to buy me yarn that I will like. All of the other ones, please stay away from such ideas. Unless you get clear instructions of what and where to buy. I can assure you, no yarn bought in a grocery store will fit my needs.

And now to the books... I'm a reader. I've read a lot through the years and I have a specific taste just like any of us, really. But I'm also weird in a way when it comes to books. I feel that telling which book is a favourite of mine is giving away too much information. And even my friends cannot come up with my five favourite authors. Knowing what books a person has read and liked gives so much away. This is the reason you won't see a 100-books list on this blog anytime soon ever, really. I do like hearing what you're reading, though.

If you are looking for gift-buying guides for knitters, this and this are excellent lists.

Oh, by the way, whilst looking at my stashmore picture above I realized that I have used up 14 skeins from it since the picture was taken. Were it all my stash, it'd be almost gone. Lucky me, that's not the case.


  1. It's so funny you post about this now, because I just received a birthday present from my colleagues (some cooking related stuff), and after giving it to me they explained at length how they had wanted to buy me some yarn but were scared that it wouldn't be good quality or that I wouldn't like it because they don't know anything about knitting. I heart my colleagues!

  2. I truly sympathize with you! I just received some yarn for my birthday, a kind of yarn I would never pick for any projects for myself. I might use it to knit something for my daughter since it's in a very baby colour (pastel purple).

    Hugs xxx


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