Friday, November 9, 2012

my buttons

One small box holds all of my button stash. I know my sister will have a look at this and will think of the ones that went missing whilst on mail between UK and Switzerland some two years ago. But there are still some gems in there. Some were bought with a direct project on my mind, others were a thrift find. Now and then I find my project inspirations exactly in this little box.


  1. jooo, kur tos anos sagos dingo!

    bet žiūriu ir čia pora draugių pažįstu -tas geltonų mažulių sagų maišiukas, kur kažkokioms pirštinėms reikėjo (ryškiai netiko tam projektui), o ir musmirių sagutės pažįstamos (iš Vilniaus mezgimo zonos?) - Liepa tebelaukia suknėlės su jomis? ;) x


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