Wednesday, September 12, 2012

what a happy day

Last Friday I won a lottery. Well, not exactly, but almost. I was able to get a few skeins of Wollmeise. If you ever tried buying some of their wool in the early hours of the morning, you will know that it does feel like a lottery if you are indeed lucky. And I was hours and hours late checking their website, long after the update. But I guess, I was looking for the right things. And I found them.

It came up in a nice bag with a knitting/ crochet dictionary on it. A nice bonus is a free detergent to try out. That smells like a typical Wollmeise skein. Yummy!


  1. ohhhh congrats on the score! What yummy colours!

  2. Congrats! I can't wait to see what what you knit up!

    Did your mom make the jam? We've been polishing off jars of it over here. It it weren't for customs, I would love to send you a jar!

  3. Well, I sure would have felt like I won the lottery, too! That wool seems to be sold out the minute it is posted. I have only been fortunate to get one skein in my fingers and it is so priceless that I'm afraid to knit with it! LOL

  4. Oh, those wools are absolutely divine!! The colours are scrumptious!


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