Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FO: Helene skirt

You might remember this skirt and the fact that I was inspired to knit one just like that for my little girl. Well, I did so back in April. The skirt is very fun to knit and I went with a solid version because I had a lovely Sweet Georgia Tough Love skein in china doll colourway that begged to become something sweet for a little girl. Had I went for a striped version, I would have had to knit it back and forth. Knitting it in the round was very simple and went really fast.

All of the modeled shots are "on the run". The non-blurred pictures make it look as if the skirt is too short in the back, but it really isn't. I realized only too late that the skirt was tucked at the back.

Those are slipped-stitch lines, but really, I could have kept it in plain knit stitch and it would've been prominent just as well.

Looking at this makes me want to cast on for a new colourful one straight away. You know, there's all this Wollmeise yarn...


  1. awwww! gražu gražu, o draugei nekaršta? gal todėl pasikaišiuojus... o gal į diskoteką ruošiasi... ;-)

  2. Too cute! I bet that was super quick to knit too.


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