Tuesday, June 19, 2012

your favourite heel?

All the socks that I've knit this year have been toe-ups with a slipped-stitch heel. I'd really love to try some other heel construction besides short rows and slipped-stitch heel. These two I know by heart already. Months ago I saw some kind of a fancy slipped-stitch heel. I was going to try that but I did not bookmark that blog post and now it's lost to me.

So, what is your favourite heel construction for socks and why?


  1. Love the fun colours of your sock. I almost always use the slip stitch heel so I can't help you out with anything new.

  2. I do like the slip stitch heel because it reinforces the sock just where I tend to be hardest on them. But recently I knit Uzu from Knitty.com which had a different heel construction (toe up) that I found interesting. Wendy D Johnson's done a lot of toe up sock patterns too. Lovely colours.

  3. For myself, I've always enjoyed the short row heel because I like the way it fits once it's on my foot. That said, I don't like how snug the heel can feel as I'm putting the sock on. Have you seen this Eye of Partridge Heel? It's a variation on the slipped stitch heel: http://daniellelandes.com/blog/?p=291

    It looks interesting, but I've never tried it.

    And on another note ~ if you would like to play along, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog. I really enjoy stopping by your site to see what you're knitting and get ideas for my own projects, thanks!