Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FO: Wollmeise Paulie

You've seen this FO already. I failed to blog about it up until now. I feel the need to write an expansive review, but let's face it - I don't really have the time for it. On top of it, I'm still fighting the jet lag. Waking up at funny hours does not help getting thoughts sorted on items finished quite a while ago.

I will thus do a quick review. The cardi fits perfectly. I adjusted the number of decreases for the waist as decreasing twice would not have worked for me. I truly have studied Amy Herzog's series on how to fit to flatter knits. The only no-go for an hourglass figure like me are the horizontal stripes in this pattern. However, since this is a cardi, it works. (Well that is what I tell myself.)

The overall length seems to also be fine. Oh, I did throw it into the tumble dryer for about 10 minutes after the blocking. And Wollmeise survived.

The only thing that I wish I would have done differently is cast on for a smaller size in the beginning and then either increased to a larger size for the bust or done the bust darts as Ysolda discussed in this post shortly ago. Most of the body types do not work with patterns written for all. I assume that each designer knits an items for herself (let's ignore male designers for now for simplicity sake) first and then grades them to different sizes. It works well only in theory, though. My bust size ranges towards the middle of the alphabet. I got fitted a few years back. High chances are you have not, thus I will not scare you with my size and will keep it to myself.

See the raglan lines on the back? They are far too wide apart. Most designers assume that there's a larger body corresponding to my bust size. I've actually realized this a long time ago, but still do not know what keeps me casting on for those large sizes. I guess I keep on hoping to find that one pattern that will need no mods whatsoever to knit it.

All of the details

2.5mms for garter stitch knitted back and forth, 3.0mms for stockinette back and forth, 2.0mms for garter st in the round, 3.5mms for stockinette in the round

Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash, Unglücksrabe

Paulie by Isabell Kraemer


  1. turbūt pasikartosiu, bet labai vitaminiškas Paulie :) super, ir tau tinka !

  2. hhaha juokingai/šmaikščiai čia surašius.

    ai kad žinok abėcėlės vidurys tai džiaugsmas, ne baisumas ;)

    lauksiu "skaipėj" pasirodant ;) xx

  3. I love this cardi on you, Siga! And I think the stripes are just right :)

  4. This really looks awesome on you! The variegated yarn looks great with the solid stripes. I never would have thought to knit a cardigan in a variegated yarn but seeing this one makes me consider it.

  5. It's a stunning cardigan and looks lovely on you, wonderful use of colour. I love it.

  6. man irgi labai labai prie širdies šitos spalvos, labai gražiai "susigrojo"...

  7. This turned out wonderful. I love the colors you picked. I know what you mean about trying to knit the right size, but it really looks like a good fit!


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