Saturday, May 12, 2012

back home

We've been away on vacation. Before that I was really having fun participating in knit & crochet blog week. I thought I had enough time to pre-plan my posts for the last few days, but between celebrating birthday number one, getting last shots and packing for the trip I did not get round to doing it. Life happened. I am back now, still jetlagged, but rested.

Where have we been? We visited the Sin City, stuffed our faces with burgers, ribbs, chocolate cakes (yes, plural), pies and sundaes.

Then we went to see the Grand Canyon. Which was truly grand. My husband and I have once compiled a list of places we want to visit. Grand Canyon was not among those. But now crossing the Canyon south to north (or vice versa) rim is so on my bucket list.

I did take my knitting along, finished a baktus scarf and started some socks. I have a pile of finished knits that need blogging about.


  1. Glad you had a lovely trip! The grand canyon was not really at the top of my list either but driving by on a road trip we stopped by and were so glad we did!

  2. I have one of those lists, it's long! Can't believe the little one is 1 already!
    Glad to hear the trip was fun, and looking forward to seeing your FO's

  3. Puiki kelionė!
    Maistas nelabai :D
    O kaip antroj fotkėj prie tokių vaizdų dar įmanoma megzti?!
    Labai lauksiu tų užbaigtų mezginių :)

  4. Glad you have a nice holiday. Can't wait to see all your finished knits!


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