Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Ravelry queue and I

This Karie's post has inspired me to blog about my relationship with my Ravelry queue.

I am not that strict as to what comes onto my Ravelry queue as Karie is. But I do try to keep the total number under one hundred, so now and then I go through my queue and delete items that I have changed my mind about.

There are two categories of patterns in my queue:
  • Must knit now - got into the queue because either the pattern struck me as a must knit or somebody else's project inspired me to try and knit one myself
  • A good stash usage - got into the queue because I thought this might be a good knit one day; it is meant for helping get ideas when knitting for somebody else or using up yarn
Now I don't think I will knit all of these items, most will probably drop out of my queue sooner or later, but there are some special projects there that will definitely be knit up. And I even have yarn for some of them.

Number one in my queue is Grellow Cardigan. That will be a very special knit as I asked my friend Christine to dye some BFL sock for it. Wait till you see the colours!

Up until two days ago Selbu Modern was also in my queue. Ever since January 2009. I bought Shetland Spindrift for exactly this project October 2010 with Jasmine in Loop Islington. Now it felt like the right time to cast on for it. You can see that I'm addicted. I think I am ready to tackle a bigger colourwork project after this.


  1. Selbu is high in my queue, too. I hope to cast on soon! I love your color choices!

  2. It looks amazing. I am also very picky about my queue, but it's hard to be that selective.

  3. I've never seen grellow before, WOW! I can't wait to see! Selbu modern is really nice too :) This makes me want to do more colorwork.

  4. My Ravelry queue contains patterns I'd like to knit one day... Sometimes I delete a few saying to myself that this one or that one will never ever happen ;-) It's a great reminder! There are so many patterns! Other people's queues can be inspiring too!

  5. Good luck with Selbu. I LOVE knitting it, but have had to frog the finished project twice because I'm stubborn and keep using a very specific yarn that doesn't work well with the pattern. Came out beautiful but was too small and then way too large. I'll try it a third time, I loved the pattern that much. Here's my second attempt:

  6. My goodness that was ages ago, wasn't it! When are you coming back? :-)

    I also have lots of yarn that I've bought ages ago that is waiting to be used. I'm knitting up the yarn you gave me into Aimee - I have one sleeve left and am having trouble getting it started... Sigh. It's looking so cute so far, though.

  7. I'm in love with the Grellow Cardigan! I can't wait to see pix of yours!

    And the colors you chose for the Selbu Modern are delightful.

  8. I love the Selbu modern pattern. I'm currently designing some matching mittens...
    Keep going!


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