Friday, April 6, 2012

button fail

I decided to focus on positive things. Really. I could have named this blog post something unthinkable, but instead I'll tell you how I've bought 4 different sets of buttons (above are pictured only two of them) and how all ended up being wrong kind of shade. Somehow the campari orange Wollmeise colourway is this red that looks different depending on the lighting there is. The buttons might look like the right kind of colour at the store, but it is no longer the case once I'm at home. Oh well.
And what is that negative thing that I do not want to think about? That is the fact that I discovered a creature on my freshly blocked cardigan that has been confirmed to be a m***! So now that said cardigan is in the freezer. Luckily this case did not happen at my home where all my lovely stash is as I'm visiting my parents right now. Nevertheless, still frightening. So instead I think of how I am going to wear my new cardigan unbuttoned for now.


  1. Too bad the orange buttons don't work I really like them!

  2. Moving mud can make custom buttons for you is you send them a color swatch. You can have them send them here when they're done :)

    Sorry about the moth--good thing to put the cardi in the freezer! I should send you some of the ziploc bags I have.

  3. I hate picking buttons.... I feel for you, and I would be in a complete panic if some insect had taken residence in my sweater. You are a strong woman.... Next week it'll all be solved, i am sure.
    How about simple black buttons...hihihihi

  4. A moth?! Kandys? Is kur?
    Tikrai toks zodis net nepasiraso!
    Tikiuos, gerai namo grizot x

  5. Aha, ir priedo dar tavo kambary! Taigi visa spinta isvertem ir sutvarkem. Pridejau lavandu, bet reiks ir vilnonius dekius perziuret.


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