Tuesday, March 6, 2012

prep for Wollmeise sale

End of July is that time of the year. Wollmeise will have their annual sale and I think I'll be going there again. But first, I'd like to use up last year's purchases.

Last time I went prepared. I had a plan of what I wanted Wollmeise yarn for.

- Stripe study is done.

- I'm having doubts about Olive. But I have 2 loveliest skeins of Wollmeise lace in blue that were meant for it. Got to find another project for this yarn soon.

- Kaleidoscope will mostly not happen either. How is one supposed to get 18sts gauge on fingering weight yarn? I did not like my swatches at all, so I had to keep on looking for a new suitable pattern. Right now it looks as if it might be Paulie.

But above all, I need a new plan of what to buy. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by all the colours last year. So I will be making a list of possible projects and colours to go with them. I'll keep you posted on what is going to be on the list.


  1. Well, you can never plan too far ahead that's for sure! I really LOVE that Paulie cardigan, I just added it to my queue.

  2. good idea. I think I should do the same... :-)



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