Thursday, February 23, 2012

oh, decisions decisions...

I spent weeks knitting this yarn up. Frogging took less than 30 minutes. This yarn looks great in garter stitch and I am debating between vine yoke and garter yoke. OK, I was debating between the two. The slight variegation would work perfectly with Ysolda's Vine Yoke cardi. However, the way this yarn is spun, I'm thinking Melissa's Garter Yoke is a better choice for this. I'm swatching and then we'll see.


  1. What happened??! Somehow I must have missed something. Did you decide you didn't like the shrug? I thought it looked adorable on you. Also, what colorway is that and how much of it did you use for the shrug. I like Ysolda's pattern too. Very cute.

  2. I must let you know that the garter yoke seems to stretch out the ways once knit... I'd make sure its a sturdy fabric that won't grow much.
    Its a beautiful colour!

  3. I had a similar experience with something I knitted my Mum... Took a month to knit, she frogged it in an hour...
    I love vine stitch, but would consider make it as a jumper ( as someone done it?). It is so beautifully done. But I like the garter stitch as well... I can see this could be very difficult!

  4. Both are beautiful! Making one now does not prevent you from knitting the other one soon! ;-)

  5. @Diana: I realized I haven't worn it ever again since last May, so it had to go. The colourway is Lepidoptra and I used around 5,5 skeins for the shrug (because of the long sleeves and the longer neck).

    @CelticCastOn: Thank you for the advice. I'll go down a needle size or two for the garter stitch bit then.

    @Maryse: That's what I think as well. A friend of mine is going to use handspun for garter yoke and that sounds as a great idea. Although I think I have some great yarn for vine yoke as well. We'll see. :D


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