Thursday, January 12, 2012

on sock-yarn blankets again

With all the responses to my Tuesday post I feel I should defend the sock yarn blanket pattern a bit. No, the pattern is not ugly. Have you seen these?

I'm more than confused now. In a way it looks as if one needs to purchase some yarn to make a workable solution to either of the two. I'd want to get even edges, the way Birgitte suggested. Then, there should be some kind of a prominent colour that keeps it all together. All these choices. I think I'm not ready yet for this endeavour.


  1. I think both patterns are pretty! I've started the Beekeeper's Quilt and the sock yarn blanket is in my queue. I'm using some new skeins for my quilt, but I also plan to just use up my leftovers when I have them. I try not to think about all the work involved, I know I'll love the finished blankets! I'm making my hexagons flat and sewing all the edges, I thought it would be more useful that way.

    Both patterns though are long term projects, it's a lot of knitting! Why not start with a few blocks of the sock blanket to see if you like knitting it? If you don't, you can make hot pads or coasters out of them.

  2. O gal išeitis būtų atskirus rombukus megzti? Tuomet kada nors juos visus susiūtum, o trūkstamas vietas papildytum gal ir nauju siūlų, jeigu kokios spaalvos labai norėtųsi. Žinoma, dar reikėtų susiūti...


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