Thursday, January 19, 2012

argh... and rip

Sometimes you make a swatch, adjust the tension, but when you start knitting the actual garment, the gauge changes and the result won't fit. I made one of these, but that will have to be reknit. I'm not very excited about it, but I'll power through it. Normally I read the instructions before knitting something. And that's what I did this time, but it did not make any sense. In this case I had to work as I went and then it was all perfectly clear.

To end it on a more positive note, I started a Lanesplitter skirt. Oh the joy of aran and 4.5mm needles after knitting fingerweight! It's hard to put this down.


  1. oi uzjauciu del permezgimo. ir kaip tau kantrybes uztenka.
    ir--tai va kam tau saguciu reikejo!
    nu nezinau, ar nors vienos tiks! pasakysi ryt poryt siom dienom! as gal buciau sviesesniu paieskojus...

    o tokios riesines/pirstines tai atrodo labai graziai. praverstu man cia ofise, kur AC pucia issijuoses, as net su paltu sedziu ir rimtai galvoju, gal ir kepure kokia uzsidet reiktu.


  2. Oh I hate when that happens! And a mitt is one of those things that HAS to fit.

  3. The mittens pattern is beautiful! Shame you had to frog it...

  4. The mysteries of the gauge ;-) Yeah for that skirt! It must be really fun to knit!

  5. I want to make a Lanesplitter...a bunch of people were wearing them at Rhinebeck this past year


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