Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

FO: Herringbone Cowl

Back in May I won a giveaway at Yarndancer's blog. Thank you once again! And I got a skein of wonderful Manos Silk Blend. I was looking for a nice pattern to use up all the yarn and chose Herringbone Cowl. Slipped stitches show variegated yarns best. I was knitting and knitting and thought it was big enough already, but there was still yarn left. That's when it dawned on me that I had a 100g skein of Manos. So, I still have 50g left for something else. This pattern is excellently written by Lauren. What I love is that it's hardly noticeable where the row ends/ begins. I quite enjoyed the zigzag knitting and it was not hard at all to memorize when to turn.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Looks like we might have white Xmas after all. This was definitely worth the wait.  And it is still snowing, even here in Zurich. I am in for a bigger project on my needles, haven't decided yet what it should be. Yarn waiting to be knit up: Cascade 220 in red. I'm looking for a cabled cardi. Something along the lines of this, but more fitted and more me. Yes, it has to have pockets. Or maybe I will go for an easier choice and knit a Noro skirt? Ah, all these choices...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FO: My mitts

Sometimes I feel as if I am rushing behind when it comes to my knitting. My blog read and Ravelry are filling up with great FOs and I get the "ah, got to also knit this" moment quite often. Especially bad are my two daily reads. Saffron who goes from over 200 PPY (why, posts per year) to 0, thus I'm linking back to her Ravelry account. And mezgimo zona blog, but the FOs there are knit by a whole knitting club, so don't stress yourself.

When I was knitting these mitts, I was thinking they have surely already been knit by either of the two. And probably they have been. But this pair is mine. They were done in no time. It was the right project for Christine's handspun (lucky me got a skein as a birthday present on top of that shawlette). This project made me also realize what I've been missing out. Now I know what snowberry&lime handspun is good for.

Monday, December 19, 2011

We do have snow. Finally.

I'm knitting nearly daily, so you'd think I'd have a nice collection of knitted items to wear. Quite the contrary. At this very moment I do not own a single knitted garment that I would want to wear. And somehow I never seem to have just the right coloured shawl or wrist warmers. Or mittens. That's why it is nice to have knitterly friends who know what colours one likes. Just like Christine, who knit me this shawl. And this pin makes the shawlette wearing easy.

As to the spiral pin, I wish I had ordered more. These would make perfect gifts. Not just for Xmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The You-Won't-Get-A-Decent-Picture-Of-Me-In-This FO

I don't remember how I came across this pattern, but I surely know that I was inspired by Amy's versions of this cardi (this one and this) and used her mods to make mine. I love the finished version of it, eventhough I did mess up the pattern a few times and did not rip back to correct it. I challenge you to find the mistakes.

Despite all the cuteness little did I know before my baby was born whether this colour would suit her. Well, it does not. She looks so pale in it. She clearly has my complexion and is more of a reds person.

And it looks as if she knows it. As soon as she has this cardi on and I get the camera out, she gets all restless and will not let me get a decent shot of it.

These were the best ones we could do. We packed it away already. It might be a nice present to some more appreciative baby. Believe me, we do have enough wearable knits and can afford to be picky.


CO: February 25th, 2011
BO: March 20th, 2011

Pattern:  Twinkle, vintage baby cardigan

Yarn: Aslan Trends Santa Fe, about 2.6 skeins

Needles: 2.5 mm circulars

Notes: It fits my 7-month-old baby perfectly. Were I to knit this again, I would do normal buttonholes. Also, I prefer buttoning it all the way through to only the yoke closures.

Friday, December 9, 2011

FO: Boy's cabled sweater

Pattern: Arctic Cables from Pure Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220 superwash (2 skeins dark blue and 1 skein light blue)

This week I discovered this blog post on constructive criticism of knitting patterns via this (talk about one thing lead to another, right?; but I do think it's important to note down how I found it). I thought a lot about it. And it is true, I rarely dare to critique a knitting pattern on my blog. Knitting community is a very friendly one, but friendships should be able to stand some criticism. So why are we not doing it more? Is it because we think there's no accounting for taste and we rather keep our opinion to ourselves? How can a knitting designer get better without some constructive criticism? Do they rely on their circle of chosen testers to give them the appropriate feedback?

OK, now back to my FO and thoughts on this pattern. First, this is a great basic recipe for a boy's raglan sweater. However, here are some thoughts on making it better and achieving a more polished look:
- mirror the cables (left cable one side, right cable the other side; doesn't matter which one is which);
- do the raglan increases as m1l and m1r to create a neater look;
- choose a center stitch for the neckline and do the decreases along it as it does not make any sense to knit the neck bit without any increases.

That was not bad at all, was it?

Used only about 270g of Cascade 220. Purchased way too much wool according to the pattern. In fact, there's enough for the second one if I were to knit an identical one. Oh, I followed my own idea of striping this one. According to the pattern, there should have been eight knitted rows per each colour block.

Thoughts on the fit and modeled pics will hopefully follow soon.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oma's Stitches # 4 - Baby Socks

These are grandma's socks that currently keep my baby's toes warm. They fit spot on and they do not fall off. It's quite an interesting construction. It works and that is what counts. I learned early on that both baby hats and baby socks need straps.

They might look lacy, but they are 100 % wool, so they do keep those little feet toasty warm. As we will need a new pair this winter, I might reknit these in a bigger version. Watch this space.

Now onto the next pair. These ones are somewhat bigger, the construction is that of a regular sock, but there're those straps again, see! That's the answer to all the knit socks that do not stay on those little feet. And there's a picot edge. How cute. But the interesting bit about these socks is the "lining".

I was told that it's sheep wool that fills these socks. In winter this surely kept her grandchildren warm. And now it warms her great-granddaughter. We miss you, Oma.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

whilst waiting for those wire blockers

Excuse the crappy photo, but the sun has not been seen out for days, so there is no chance to stock up with some decent shots anymore. Up there is my Ginkgo shawl. It's been finished since mid-September. I blocked it once and have worn it many times since. My blocking was not precise. I had just a few minutes to complete it whilst the baby was napping and without any blocking wires this is the best you can get. Anyways, I've ordered my blocking wires weeks ago and they should really get here soon. But now I read this post by Noahs' Libellule and am seriously considering extending the lace portion (after all, I still have enough of yarn left over) AND adding some beads. This would mean ripping back all the lace bit. It's only 34 rows, right?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

tieing up loose ends

A year in planning, months in the making, but now it is done. I'm getting it ready to get shipped, FO pictures will follow soon.

Next up are some more stripes. This will be a surprise present. Otherwise, there'll be no knitted gifts this year. I need to start making myself realistic goals.