Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oma's Stitches # 4 - Baby Socks

These are grandma's socks that currently keep my baby's toes warm. They fit spot on and they do not fall off. It's quite an interesting construction. It works and that is what counts. I learned early on that both baby hats and baby socks need straps.

They might look lacy, but they are 100 % wool, so they do keep those little feet toasty warm. As we will need a new pair this winter, I might reknit these in a bigger version. Watch this space.

Now onto the next pair. These ones are somewhat bigger, the construction is that of a regular sock, but there're those straps again, see! That's the answer to all the knit socks that do not stay on those little feet. And there's a picot edge. How cute. But the interesting bit about these socks is the "lining".

I was told that it's sheep wool that fills these socks. In winter this surely kept her grandchildren warm. And now it warms her great-granddaughter. We miss you, Oma.

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