Friday, November 25, 2011

world's most travelled yarn

I ordered this yarn on Webs' annual sale back in May. I am sure to tell first this as that was before the great pledge to not buy any more warm-weather yarn. Anyways, there are these 7 skeins of Noro that are guilty for the fact that this parcel could not be sent out to me immediately. It was on backorder which meant that I had to wait wait wait. I was happily spending the last passing summer days in Lithuania when oh no! an email from Webs reached me that my yarn was on its' way. Unfortunately for me, so was my husband - he was on his way from Switzerland to Lithuania. And the next two weeks there was nobody in our flat who could pick up the parcel. No worries, I thought, mail from the US takes ages. Wrong! When we got back, there was a notice from the mail to pick the parcel up until September 15th. It was September 18th as I read it.

Oh well, I will have to pay the postage again. It was unfortunate, but there was nothing else I could do. So I emailed the nice ladies at Webs and asked them to please reship the yarn. Which they did on October 4th. October 13th the yarn was still not here and we were getting ready to leave for London. We quickly ordered a mail hold service for 10 days and left. However, it was still October 13th and our mail hold service was valid from the 14th onwards only. Guess what, of course the yarn arrived on the 13th in the afternoon. We were gone, so a notice was left. And 7 days later my Webs order was back on its fourth trip over the Atlantic.

Today it finally made it safely to me. 2 skeins of yarn are missing, but oh well, Noro is here. And Cascade 220. Winter can come now.


  1. oh my goodness!!! What a horrible time you and your yarn have had. ;)
    I glad you finally got MOST of it in the end but my oh my what a frustrating time.

  2. Oh WOW! that is crazy! it seems that you have a knack for timing things! hahah!

  3. You're joking!!! What a nightmare!!! I hope you really, really, really like this yarn....

  4. Oh my God, you really wanted that yarn! What will you knit?

  5. It sounds like a nightmare, but you must be pleased to have it now! x


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