Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The third winner

There was some shuffling again...

 ... and a winner was chosen. Congratulations, Kasia!

Now, I have to say that these three giveaways were more fun than I thought. It is nice to give. Who would have thought that parting with yarn feels good? Also, I wanted so many of you to win. There are these blog friendships that have developed through the years and I was feeling partial as of who should win. There was not enough yarn this time for all of you. I will surely be repeating this sometime.

Anyways, as a consolation prize I'd love to invite all of you to indulge with me into this. I already had a piece for breakfast. It is really good, nice and gooey. And if you go with high quality dark chocolate as I did, it is not too sweet. A perfect birthday cake for me. It's up to my number one chocolate cake.


  1. Thank you! I am so happy right now, I cannot believe my luck! Thank you for this fantastic give away! And Happy Birthday! (I'm a November girl too :) )

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I love how that icing is draping over the cake stand - it does look gooey-delicious - especially when you say it isn't too sweet!

  3. Yeah, I was too impatient and put the icing still warm on top of it. :) It is yummy and I do not care for the looks today.

  4. Hey happy birthday ( a day late!)

    The cake looks amazing, and you have such pretty handwriting :-)


  5. Happy Birthday!! That cake looks delicious...


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