Friday, November 4, 2011

FOs: Avia + Trix

This pattern has been for ever in my queue. You know, for those baby knits that might be needed one day, for a friend's little one or so. I only got round to knitting it for my own baby. I admit, I did not swatch, 'coz Elizabeth Zimmermann said hats are the best swatches anyway. That's why the first one came out much too big. I did think for a second or so ripping it and starting from the beginning, but then, I still had enough wool from those two skeins, so I started a new one. This one fits better, is maybe somewhat too big, but that'll sort itself out in a couple of weeks.


  1. And that's the best thing about babies! :) Your hats are lovely :)

  2. aw he looks adorable in your hat :)

    visit me?

  3. I love your hats! Beautiful. I failed to knit one of these when Gaia was small. Must try again :)

    Beautiful portrait of your baby too :)))

  4. Seriously cute hats! I'm really behind on blog posts, but I'm happy to see you're making lots of beautiful things!


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