Thursday, October 13, 2011

knitting miscalculations

I ran out of yarn whilst knitting the new version of the Inspira Cowl. And while I wait for replenishment to arrive, I started knitting an Aviatrix hat for Liepa. In fact, I finished the one from yesterday's wordless WIP Wednesday post and started a new one. Right before finishing the first version I realized it was going to be somewhat too big. So instead of ripping back, I decided to go ahead and finish it. Too big is not a problem for a growing baby. Besides, there is enough yarn, so why not just do a smaller one, right?

To all of you who are thinking of what hat to knit for a baby, I tell you to forget all the strapless ones. They are useless since they come off too easily. Liepa's been wearing her Oma hat constantly and I have a feeling Aviatrix will be a winner as well. Otherwise I wouldn't be knitting a second one.

And here's a proof of my baby wearing handknits not only for the FO pictures.


  1. She's so cute! Sorry you ran out of yarn, but that cowl will be amazing when you finish!

  2. Oh BOOOOO on running out of yarn! What a bummer.

    And hello baby! You're looking particularly adorable.

  3. OMG! She is too sweet for words!

    And I know what you mean about knitting hats in two sizes and knitting hats with "straps". The first hat I knit for my friends' baby was too large, so I immediately knit a smaller one that (thankfully) fits. It's a bonus that baby hats are so quick to knit. Now the first hat I knit for him will be waiting when he's ready and I will take the tiny one back :)


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