Tuesday, September 27, 2011

summer's back

The temperatures are in 20s here and we are enjoying this sunny summer weather. It is so warm that I did not yet get round to blocking the shawl from last week's WIP Wednesday post. I know I should, it'd dry in no time. Now I have a new project on the needles that I just had to cast on because I saw somebody with a finished version of it. This cowl was on my to knit list ever since it came out, but I was saving it for the day when I have enough scraps from Drops Alpaca. That seemed to be the perfect yarn for it. Well, but now I had to buy some Drops Alpaca as I didn't have enough scraps and start it straight away.


  1. I want to knit that cowl too! It's so pretty.

  2. OOOO, kaip smagu. Turėjau tokį "kilnų" tikslą kuo daugiau juo užkrėsti, iš piktumo, kad pati įkliuvau. Dabar, panašu, tiek jų gims, kad tuoj darysim dienoraštyje įrašą: "Čia praėjo Edita". Pati Edita, beje, tik praėjo, nusipirko siūlus ir kaži kada numegs. Jei išvis numegs...:)


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