Friday, August 5, 2011

Oma's Stitches #2

Last year I wrote the first entry about Oma's knits. I meant to blog about the next item sooner, but somehow never came round to it. Oma passed away this year, and her knits are even more precious now. This is a hat that was once worn by my husband and now fits our baby daughter.

What I love about this hat is that it covers baby ears perfectly, can be tied so it does not ride up and has a cute flowery detail to go over one ear. Let's see if I can manage to make a new version of this. That's what I got so far.

I haven't crocheted in years, so this is the best resemblance of a flower that I can do.


  1. that flower looks so cute! nice detail.

  2. What a great heirloom! I'd love to see a picture of Jan in this :)

  3. It's so sweet that you have these homemade gifts from Oma. And I love that you're working to recreate this hat. Your flower looks lovely!


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