Monday, August 29, 2011

four instead of a square

Two years ago my sister wanted me to knit her a shawl. It should be a square, she said. And that square should be made of four equally large squares, all differently coloured. Easy enough, I thought. We went into a yarn shop, made the shop-owner surely go crazy (well, my sister might have done with her colour indecisiveness). My sister purchased some yarn. Two hours later, she decided she liked another colour and yarn combo better, went into the shop and bought even more yarn. I was free to do whatever I wanted with the first lot. Since she had picked some greys and blues for her shawl, I got rid of the blues, got more of the greys and knit this cardi.

There still was the second lot of yarn, awaiting to become a shawl. Such a simple idea, but I had no wish to knit it. First, how the heck am I supposed to knit four equally large squares if the yarn is not the same. Ok, it was all sport-weight, but it knits up differently. I had no urge to make any swatches and to count how many stitches I should cast on and for how many rows I should knit to get to that perfect square. In short, I knew long before my sister gave up her hope for that shawl that I was not going to knit that. Then, my sister moved to Indonesia and I thought I was saved. I could hardly believe my luck and I cast on and knit a cardi for my baby-daughter to be in no time from two skeins of her blue coloured yarn. A couple of months passed and my sister was back in Europe. I knew there had to be a shawl. So since I cannot get that square done, I decided to knit her four scarfs/shawls.

First, I knit the Wisp. It went fast and was a fun knit.

Then I knit the Jeweled Cowl. It was a bit more complicated, but nevertheless fun. I enjoyed putting the beads on it and not having to thread them on for a change.

Third up was a quick knit - Scroll lace scarf. It's a brilliant construction and I might have another go at the pattern.

And finally there was the Stripe Study. It's a must-knit shawl at the moment. I love it.
So, these are the four "scarfs" that have been finished by now, my sister is hopefully enjoying wearing them all and I am told FO pictures will follow soon.

And I must say I enjoyed knitting each single one of them and would love to have a version of each for myself as well. This was a far better knitting experience than knitting a square.


  1. Wow - quite impressive this amount of knits! And beautiful ones, too :)

  2. What a great story... and how funny knitting is that we'd rather knit four beautiful/intricate shawls rather than four squares! I can definitely relate.

    The striped cardigan looks fantastic!

  3. I think your sister lucked out with your four different FOs. My favorite is still the stripe study. So, the sweater is yours, or for her? I hope you kept it for yourself because it is beautiful!

  4. should have put a (inter-)link to the FO of the cardi - ;)

    and the cardi went to altogether another sister's wardrobe ;)

    and me totally happy with 4 super cool shawls... pics to follow... :) Ačiū! xo xo


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