Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FO: Winter Everlasting; or HELP! My baby is growing faster than I can knit

Whilst knitting this, I was convinced it would fit my little one during the upcoming winter. However, as I pulled it out last week, I saw that I was wrong. It fits my 3,5 month old one perfectly. I still have some yarn left, so I will lengthen the body by an inch or two. And then maybe it will still fit her in another month or two...

Unlike in some places July here was very rainy and kind of cold. The good thing, though, we got loads of knitting done and loads of wear out of those finished garments. August seems to be sunnier and warmer already. I thought I had some winter knits for my baby done, but since she's wearing them now already, I better start on something new.

Oh, my wordless WIP Wednesday posts seem to work so far - whatever ends up there, ends up being finished as well. I have quite a few FOs to share. And now we also have the right weather for those shots, how nice.

OK, onto the FO details...

CO: April 21st, 2011
BO: April 30th, 2011

Pattern: Cute Summer Top (Rav link here). Inspired by this version.

Yarn: Dream in Colour Everlasting, 100%  superwash Australian merino wool, dk, 1 skein, colour Amethyst 727

Needles: 4 mm circulars

Mods: I knit this top down and made sleeves to make this a winter top.
My notes to knit top down: 
CO 68 sts
WS: sl1, k7, pm, k18, pm, k12, pm, k18, pm, k8
RS 2: sl1, *k to 1 st before marker, kfb, sm, kfb*; repeat between * 3 times, k to end
WS 3: sl1, k across
Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 3
Row 6 (buttonwhole row): sl1, k2tog, yo, *k to 1 st before marker, kfb, sm, kfb*, repeat between * 3 times, k to end
Rows 7-13: repeat rows 3 and 2
Row 14: work as row 6
Row 15-19: work as rows 3 and 2
Row 20: work as row 2 to the last 4 st,  pm, join for working in the round
Row 21: p the last 4 sts together with the first 4 of the next row, p the rest of the row
Row 22: work an increase row
Row 23: purl
Row 24: k, putting sleeve sts on scrap yarn, CO4 sts for each underarm and k body sts in pattern.
sleeves: reduce from 40 sts to 26 every 5 rows


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  2. She gets cuter by the second! And the colour of her jumper is gorgeous, i hope you find a way to make it work. As my camera struggles to capture purple, I am experiencing some serious 'purple envy' right this minute.

  3. The butterfly buttons are adorable!

  4. Oh, goodness! The sweater is incredible. I'm sorry she won't get much wear out of it. I love it, though. The color, the stitching. It's so cute.

  5. what a gorgeous sweater!! she's such a cutie. Maybe you'll have a second baby, and can put it aside for the next one?

  6. Okay, that is SOOOOO cute! love the stitch pattern. It's crazy how fast babies grow!

  7. Labai smagus megztukas, o pailginus manau ir žiemą "atlaikys". Bet ir auga tie vaikai greitai :D

  8. That is a lovely pattern and a beautiful colour. And a sweet little baby ;)

    I'd make her wear it ever day while it still fits.

  9. Very nice to see this pattern in a woolen version. I like your mods!


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