Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FO: Jeweled Cowl

I wanted to knit this pattern straight after it came out. And the original version in that greenish yellowy Malabrigo lace is so pretty. And the differently coloured beads work so well. And it's a cowl, and it's light and versatile. It all made me want want want this.

However, I did not know what yarn to use. Maybe I had the right thing in my stash?

When I got home from California and went looking for a skein of Madelinetosh to knit the Wisp shawl, I discovered a skein of Malabrigo lace. And I do admit that I had forgotten it existed in my very own yarn drawer.

Once I had the right beads (they should not be too heavy, yet when they are small, the crochet hook cannot get through the hole), I was good to go. It went fast and was very addictive, especially the beads bit.

Needles: 5 mm circulars

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Lace, colourway - purple mystery

Notes/mods: I twisted the last stitch before the lace portion and knitted as many repeats as the yarn would allow. I believe it was a couple more than what the pattern called for. But who would count those rows anyways. Otherwise, we love this as is. And my sister enjoys wearing it and receives many compliments on it. That's what I hear.


  1. It's so super cute. Great pictures, and the cowl is so fashionable. Love it!

  2. This cowl is so cute. With the beads and lace in one block, it really stands out. A clean, modern look... I just might be queueing this pattern for some future stash!

  3. Oh that is pretty! I think I have this pattern in my queue too.

    I'm just about to begin my first ever beading. I've got my beads, I've bought a tiny crochet hook. I just hope the hook fits through the holes!

  4. I love the yarn colour. And red for the beads is such an awesomely unexpected choice, too. Love it.

  5. that cowl is absolutely stunning!! I have yet to try beading with my knitting, but that is one inspiring cowl....

  6. Oh that is so pretty! well done!

  7. beautiful job! I love the beads!


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