Thursday, June 9, 2011

EZ surplice baby jacket review

I knit this awhile ago, now finally I have the chance to test and see how it fits.

My notes say that I knit the body longer (not sure what the pattern called for), but that seems to have been a good decision. The sleeves are 3.5" long from the armpits and I wish I had done a few more garter rows to make them longer. However, since the neckline is so open, the overall look works really well with the shorter sleeves. The kimono style is really cute. On the other hand, I would want to try a version where the crossover flaps are smaller. It still wraps around so far that the buttons are not even visible at the front. It is super cute, the pattern is a keeper.


  1. so cute!! Looks like it fits great.

  2. You have knit so much for your daughter! This is a cute sweater.

  3. Kūdikėlis auga, o mamai - papildomas džiaugsmas: gali jam megzti ir megzti. Ir nauji drabužėliai greitai nusimezga, ir vaikas dar neprotestuoja, kad jam nepatinka, kitokio nori ar pan.

  4. Ahhh it looks adorable on her!
    Too many cute things!!!!


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