Saturday, May 21, 2011

on how the baby knits fit

Or more precisely how they do not fit... Back in December I knit a newborn hat and socks. The hat fit for about 2 days before it got way too small and the socks were too small to begin with. I do not think my baby was especially large, I'd rather say it's the sizing of the pattern. Anyways, I never managed to get a picture of the hat actually fitting her, but here's a shot of how the socks worked for her tiny yet too large feet.

Any sock pattern suggestions out there for the little ones? Are there any socks at all that stay on the little feet?


  1. When my kids were babies I used to buy those little all in one suits (we called them sleepers) with the feet attached. I put hand knit socks over the feet and little cardigans on top as well. Because baby feet are constantly rubbing on things and on each other I found that was the one fool proof way of keeping them on. (When the sleeper got soiled by messy diaper leaks I could also just change that but keep the sweater and socks for the rest of the day instead of having to put together (and launder) another whole outfit.

  2. I find that lots of newborn sized booties and socks are too small for most newborns! I don't have any babies myself, but I have plenty of friends who have, and I churned out many a bootie before realizing I need to start at the larger sizes.

  3. Very interesting read. Must remember to make baby booties (and hats) larger, then! Thanks for the review :)

  4. Tik su raištukais ir iki kelių - jie viską nusispardo :)


    Try these with a sport weight and maybe a little larger needle -- I've found that only socks that have a tie (or elastic) around the ankle have any chance of staying on. Ada never wore any of the other booties I made her because she didn't really have heels at birth and all the little socks just slipped right off.

    Otherwise, consider knitting a ribbed knee sock that you can pull up over the pants. It looks goofy, but it works pretty well.

    Did I say congratulations on your beautiful girl? I've certainly been thinking it!

  6. I've come across these ones in the past, and thought they look pretty cute as well as functional:


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