Tuesday, April 5, 2011

next winter knits

First of all, thank you all to your warm comments on my last post! I tried replying most of you directly (as far as blogger allows that), but in case you have not heard from me - all of your comments are most appreciated.

Now onto some knitting content...

Two knitters were surprised to hear/ see how I knit colourwork, so I thought I will post a picture here.

I do hold both of the yarns in different hands, this prevents knots and the need to untangle them. However, I also turn the knitting inside out. It helps with the tension a lot. I thought that's the way everybody does that, but some surprising faces taught me otherwise. So that would be interesting to know - how do you do colourwork?

This particular pair of mittens was started on a skiing weekend in January (well, I was not the one skiing, obviously), but I broke one of the needles and did not have a spare one with me, so it accidentally went into hibernation. I took this along now, though, and pick it up inbetween all the baby knits when I feel I need some challenge.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm new to colourwork (on my 2nd pair of mittens) and although these ones are slightly more even tension-wise they could do with a little help!

  2. I had to go back to your previous post to see the news I must have missed - Congratulations!

    I too hold colourwork yarns in opposite hands but I've never heard of working it inside out! I bet it does help with tension - although for me, just holding the yarn in two hands seems to be enough!

  3. I jsut recently tried my first colorwork projecy and it was using the intarsia method, so i've not yet "graduated" to stranded knitting, but your method intrigues me...
    And congrats on the big news. I jsut came across your blog (thank you for yoru comment on mine btw), so i will be working my way through teh archives....

  4. oh !!! you're my hero !
    beautiful fair isle ! and on several needles... phew i'm not there yet !

  5. Are those... TARDIS mittens? Either way they're great, and thanks for the tip!

  6. Nope, never seen anybody knit inside out like that unless they were trying to avoid purling! Looks beautiful though!

  7. I hold a colour in each hand when I am doing stranded knitting but have never seen anyone knit it inside out.

  8. Never hought of turning it inside out.Great tip.


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