Monday, March 28, 2011

decision making

After purchasing madelinetosh tosh vintage at Webs, I debated a bit what I should knit with it. I could not decide between Abalone and Textured Circle Shrug. I love both designs and both have been at the top of my queue for quite awhile. But then, the decision fell towards textured circle shrug. This is why:

a) I am an "amply busted" lady. This "categorization" was once used by Heidi Kirrmaier, I believe, in her Buttercup pattern. (As to why that WIP is hibernating, in some future post.) I loved this description and it makes me smile each time I come across it. But yes, I belong to the ones amongst us who'd rather have less than the status quo. And I have yet to see an FO of Abalone that works for the likes of me.

b) I do not wear vests. And Abalone is more of a vest than a cardigan. This design would only work for me, if I somehow managed to knit it so that I could put a button or two to show that I do have a waistline. The three vest designs that I've knitted so far have not gotten much wear, not by me, anyway. Talia was worn once and is already frogged. Back-2-school was worn once for the FO shoot and is awaiting frogging. I have even thought of using that yarn for Abalone. Phildar vest is my favourite amongst vests and was worn maybe three times by me. I finally gifted it to a friend who will for sure use it more often. Those cables were adding unnecessary bulkiness to my "ampleness".

c) And finally, tosh vintage is a great yarn in a great colourway and deserves most wear it can get once knit into a garment. Let's see if I can produce a wearable FO now.

I'm onto the ribbing part for the neckline trim, which makes 50% of the overall knitting already done, I guess.


  1. Looks allready great! Where did you got this wonderful yarn?
    Greetings Annette

  2. I think you made the right decision. I've looked at Abalone several times, but I just can't see myself wearing it. It looks best on a super slender, straight figure, I think. I love the shrug pattern. My friend Rhonda has been working on a red version, and this pink will really brighten up your spring wardrobe!

  3. @ Ghislaine: Ich habe die Wolle in den USA gekauft. Bisher habe ich sie weder in den deutschen noch in den schweizer Strickgeschäften gesehen. Ich glaube, wird sie demnächst haben.
    Gruß, Siga

  4. I adore Tosh Vintage! I reallu like the shrug pattern. I think it would look brilliant in that color.

  5. I'm an "ambly busted" lady myself and often struggle to find patterns to cater to my figure. I have a waistline, dammit! ;)

  6. Hey Siga, danke für den Tip mit der Wollbox. Wäre ja super, wenn es auch eine Bezugsquelle in Deutschland geben würde. LG und viel Freude mit der schönen Wolle.Annette

  7. I've never been any kind of "ample", but I can definitely see where you're coming from. The yarn is going to make all that texture in the pattern look great, and the pattern is going to make you look great. Win-win!

  8. Thanks for the purple yarn encouragement, that's just what I need to hear! I have the same problem with vests ~ I'm enticed to knit them and then rarely wear them. I don't know how far your US travels are taking you, but if you happen to make it south to Philly this weekend, let me know!


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