Sunday, February 6, 2011

looking for a new lys

It's almost a year now since we've moved to Zurich and it is time for me to find a new LYS. It's a hard task as 'my' last one in Vilnius still feels as if it were my LYS at the moment. However, the distance is too great and if I break one of my KnitPro needles (which happened last weekend), I cannot go by there to pick a new set. :) So, I'm starting to check out the yarn shops round here to see which one has the needed 'it' to be my LYS.

The first one that I went to yesterday is HandArt in Neumarkt 10, Zurich. It is a small shop that carries Lang, Lana Grossa, some Rowan and Manos Silk yarn and some local Swiss sock brands like Blauband. The ladies are very friendly there, they seem to be unaware of the whole Ravelry revolution and internet knitting community. They sell some knitted garments there, most of which are knit according to their own patterns and if you buy the needed yarn at their shop, you get the pattern to go along with it for free. I spotted the sweetest knitted doll there that made it to my queue immediately.  Once I'm ready to start on it, I'll get the yarn and the pattern. At the moment there are simply too many other WIPs on my needles.

The definite plus of the shop is their yarn organization. It is placed according to weight and colours. The top shelves are always the heaviest yarn whereas at the bottom are the lightest weight ones. The colours change gradually, which is a great sight and I haven't seen such organization anywhere else yet. Too bad I'm such a shy photographer and did not dare to take any photos inside. Thus, another shot of the outside...

It is definitely a very nice yarn shop, but I am not sure if this is the one. What does it take for a yarn shop to be your lys?


  1. Haha, well the shop assistants knowing about Ravelry would probably be up there on my list of conditions! :D Though of course that doesn't happen in Croatia either...

  2. I think, for me, the staff needs to have that perfect balance of friendliness and the ability to back the hell off. Sometimes I might want assistance, but most of the time I really just want to browse in peace without feeling like the staff are watching or judging me.

    My LYS seems to manage this pretty well. They recognize me now, and if I engage them, they're super friendly and chatty, but when I just want to poke around on my own, they' re perfectly content to let me.

  3. Der Laden sieht sehr interessant aus. Das Twinset im Schaufenster gefällt mir.
    Hier in dem kleinen Städtchen, wo ich wohne gibt es nur ein Wollgeschäft, da ist nur die Frage: "ist heute die nette Verkäuferin da oder die andere...?" Aber in Hamburg gibt es einen Laden der heißt schon MYLYS und ist einfach wunderbar.
    Liebe Grüße und ich bin schon gespannt auf weitere Berichte von der Züricher Strickwelt. Annette


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