Saturday, February 12, 2011

FO: Swiss mock sock

These have been done for over a week now, but I just never got to posting about them. 

Pattern: January 2011 SKA Mock, but I believe Nicole Masson has already chosen a name for these, it has just not been updated on Ravelry yet.

Yarn: Wolle Roedel in red and Blauband in white. I'm not normally a fan of Wolle Roedel's own sock yarn, but this one was actually quite ok. I tried Blauband for the first time - it knits up very nicely, but let's see how it will wear.

Needles: 2.00mm (US 0) circulars.

Size: I knit the cuff in large as it was hard to get medium round my heel, but for the leg I sized down to medium again. This way the socks fit perfectly.

General notes: It was quite fun to do a mock pattern and I was enjoying it. I thought there was going to be a February Mock as well and was disappointed to find out there wasn't. No socks for me this month, I guess. Also, I am very glad that I tried out a mosaic pattern. It is so easy and looks great.


  1. Very cute! Did you find that the slipped stitch design made the fabric less stretchy?

  2. Hi Yoel, no, actually the slipped stitch was ok as the pattern alternates between knit and purl rows - the purl rows helped keep the fabric stretchy. I think it was more the very cuff end where stitches are knit through the back loop. That was preventing the medium sized sock get on my leg properly. :)


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