Thursday, February 17, 2011

FO: Black n White wristwarmers

CO: December 22nd, 2010
BO: February 16th, 2011; I finished these before going to the airport yesterday and mailed them off to my MIL.

Needles: 1.25mm (US 4/0)
Yarn: Karen Noe Design Shetlands Uld. I forgot to weigh the rest, so I cannot give an accurate amount of yarn used. There is enough for another pair, though. Or maybe for some mittens? In general, this was a very nice yarn to work with. It breaks off quite easily, so it is not the perfect choice for a beaded project. It happened to me only once that the yarn broke off, after that I learned my lesson and was really careful when moving all those beads.

Pattern: It is again a pattern out of this Lithuanian book. Compared to my last wristwarmers, this was easy to memorize.
General notes: I have no clue why it took so long for me to finish these. Oh, I blame it on the beads. My sister got me some real beads for my future projects and I already threaded some. It is such a difference to these ones, I tell you. But, these ones were the only white ones that I had and my MIL wanted a black & white combo for her new wristwarmer pair.


  1. Those are really pretty. They'll look great peeking out from under a sweater or coat. Nice job.

  2. The clean graphic lines on those are sooo great!

  3. Those are lovely! Love the simple black with beads!

  4. mmm, klasika - juoda ir balta... puiki dovana!

  5. Those are so gorgeous!! i still have not tried beading on knits- these are so inpsiring!

  6. Those are gorgeous!! I haven't been brave enough to try beaded knitting yet. Well done!


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