Tuesday, January 11, 2011

progress on mystery socks

Yellow was not working well enough as a CC with my first try at Jan11 Mock socks. Now I'm using two distinct colours that I chose because of the crosses in the pattern. I kept thinking of the Swiss flag and that red and white would work far better for this pattern. Lucky me, both colours were in my stash, so I got could rip the other pair back and start afresh.

Knit-along that involves a mystery pattern is a bit like doing home-work. Somehow I want to have clue  Nr. 2 finished before the next clue gets published this Saturday. Also, it is a big question as to where the design is going next.

Mosaic knitting is a very easy colourwork technique and I'm glad I got to try this out. It looks far more complicated than it is. Check out other great mosaic patterns.


  1. Yes, love this combo better. They are coming along nicely!

  2. Are you working those 2 at the same time on a circular needle?? I'm impressed!
    And I've never heard of Mosaic knitting! How clever!

  3. ooh, they look awesome!! love the colour work.

  4. Nice! I've never done a mystery KAL, but it sounds like fun.

  5. wow, they look super impressive so far...

  6. Looking good so far! they will be beautiful :)


  7. They're looking supremely tidy, my colourwork tends to be very bumpy as I struggle with tension. A mystery pattern sounds like a lot of fun.


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