Friday, January 7, 2011

my first official knit-along

I love knitted socks, love wearing them and have a bunch of people who would love to receive some. A nice way to learn a new technique is to join a knit-along. And SockKnittersAnonymous group on Ravelry is a perfect place to do exactly that. Anyways, I joined the January mystery sock knit-along and so far only one clue has been posted and I finished that part on my first sock. I haven't done any mosaic knitting before, so am not quite sure yet what contrasting colour to choose. Should I just take a shade of blue and be on the safe side or would that blend too much in with the rest of the pattern? Or should I go for something bolder like purple or red? Any ideas/ suggestions would be most welcome.


  1. Raštas matysis gerai tik su dideliu kontrastu

  2. A knit-along is so fun. I have only done one once and I really enjoyed it.

    I think you could do another shade of blue and that would look real nice. But you do want it to be different enough that it does stand out!


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