Thursday, July 29, 2010

stripes in progress again

This is my Karius (stockinette version of Baktus) scarf. I've always wanted one in this Schokocreme Zauberball colourway. It is rolling a lot, but that's stockinette. It's turning out just the way I imagined. It was supposed to be a gift, but I am not that sure of it anymore.

In other knitting news, I am about to frog my double V cardi. I haven't worked on those two sleeves for ages and really, there are only about 5 rows left. Now I'm browsing Ravelry to see what I could use Soft Linen for. This looks quite cute and maybe I should make my MIL happy by knitting it for her? Tough call. I think there would even be enough yarn for that lace vest and for this one. I just need to try a swatch, I guess.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FO: Leftover striped socks

The socks are finished, right on time for some cooler weather and now I can turn to my other knits. These are some plain, toe-up, striped socks. They look happy, but the symmetry freak in me is most likely to have issues with these.

Friday, July 23, 2010

owning up to my WIPs

This has been on my needles for around three weeks. All this mohair made it hard to work on it when it was hot outside. But as we are facing some rainy weather this weekend, I might get to work on it again. And maybe even finish it?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


 This past weekend was spent climbing the Swiss mountains, getting lost, getting back on track again, then being soaked by rain minutes before reaching the house...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

FO: Lovegood

This is a cardi that I have wanted to knit for a very very long time. I'm sure it was ever since Canary first showed her design. But I only started seriously thinking of making it around last fall. I wanted to have a summery cardi ready on time. However, I was not very sure of using Manos Silk for it. I've only used that yarn for a cowl and it did grow quite a bit with wear. Then, I saw a version by Ellen who used some linen/cotton blend and I knew I'd go for a similar version.

The reason I finally chose Rowan Denim were all the cute Kim Hargreaves patterns and the stunning FOs that were turning out. I knew it was the right yarn for a lacey cardi. And I got the right gauge on 3,5mms.

Oh yes, there is a button missing right at the top - somehow I didn't get enough buttons. However, the shop where I got them isn't far away and they still carry them, so this will be improved. :)

The only note to the pattern: the lace section is really confusing, but once you get it figured out, it is all very straightforward. Rica has put the  lace pattern  into a chart, which might help if you are about to knit this.

By the by, I am not producing these FOs on a daily basis. This has been finished for a while now and only today did I get round to posting it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

progress on stripes

 My leftover socks are progressing really nicely. Love Zauberball and I still have loads of it. Got to think of some other stripey projects. Any ideas?

This time I went for a bit more of negative ease than the first time. These won't be knee high - I have not figured out a way to make long socks stay up...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

FO: Lace & Cable socks

 Another Wendy D. Johnson design. It is a very straightforward pattern. I cast on for size S (increased to only 58 sts) as the medium seemed to be too wide for my feet. I got the gauge right, though, this time.

I used up 63g of Regia 4-ply. It was a 100g skein, so I started some striped socks in order to use up the rest. These should be called World Cup 2010 socks as I knit them primarily through the soccer matches.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It is hot outside, but I am not complaining about that (not too much, anyway). It would be nice to have ac everywhere, but I'm enjoying the sun. It is too hot, though, to be knitting a bigger garment. Sleeves are fine. Or socks.

These are some leftover socks. I am using Regia and Zauberwolle. So far I love the combination. I am trying to switch off the symmetry thinking and will have 2 not completely identical socks (or so I think).

What are you knitting in this heat?

Monday, July 12, 2010

FO: Gray Stripes Cardi

Another project that was started ages ago... 
This past winter was really cold in Lithuania and as I started this cardi as during those cold winter evenings, trying to get my fireplace started. However, then we moved and this project stayed in Lithuania along with most of my stash. All I had left to do were the sleeves (again!, this seems to be an issue with my latest knits).

Drops Karisma is a great yarn and I have a feeling it will be really wearable. It shed a bit whilst washing and grew somewhat in length, which I actually kind of like. The thing with cardis these days is that they seem to never be long enough.

This was totally inspired by this cardi, but I did not use the pattern as I was knitting top-down. I took over the idea of one-row stripes that look so amazing.

Oh, and thank you to my sister for modeling all those cardis in the biggest Zurich heat ever. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

that ages ago finished featherweight

Wow, I actually finished this cardi in January (had to check Ravelry for this). I started it back in November and had it all (sans sleeves) knit in a week or so. Then it went into hibernation until mid-January when I finally made myself knit those two sleeves. Afterwards it got loads of wear - you can see the yarn is already pilling. I've used Gloss Lace (Knit Picks) only for shawls before and I guess that's a note for myself not to try it out for any other garments.

Otherwise, I love the colour and the shine of the yarn and it feels super soft on the skin. Overall, a keeper. It is so versatile. I can imagine knitting it again, with a different edging or even a minimalist version of it.