Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vienna, Austria

It is very windy in Vienna these days, but I do not mind it as the snow creates a special pre-Xmasy atmosphere. And I always have a great excuse to spend time in great coffeehouses round here. Today I even managed to get to one yarn shop that is not too far away from the city center and the Xmas market pictured above. It is a great shop that carries Noro, Kauni, Shetland, Marianne Isager wool and others. I had to restrain myself from getting into a wool shopping frenzy. I got some Kauni which I intend to use for some mittens. The shop owner is a very nice lady and she got into discussion of Kauni wool mystery. She says she orders the wool from Estonia, pays an Estonian company and gets yarn delivered from there, so she does not understand how come Denmark on the labels comes into picture. I've tried Kauni yarn before and also Aade Long Artistic (here my project), which is the Estonian equivalent of Kauni, but cannot tell the difference between these two except for the price, of course, and the fact that Aade Long is not that easy to get.

Anyways, I'm off to the city again and leave you with some nice pictures from KunstHausWien garden.

Hundertwasser exhibition, the museums building itself and the house nearby are very inspiring. And if you ever are in Vienna, I totally recommend to visit these.

I really loved each and every corner of it...

and I mean every corner... :)


  1. Labai kalėdinis įrašas:)
    O estišką vilną labai tikiuosi jau kitų metų pradžioje turėti parduotuvėje, bus tuomet galima gauti ir apsilankius Lietuvoje;)
    Smagaus pasiruošimo šventėm - iš dienoraščio matyti, kad jie labai intensyvūs (ir skanūs:))).

  2. Ach, I miss Vienna! So much. This post brought on quite the nostalgic moment for me. I did visit the Hundertwasserhaus when I was there but not KunstHausWien. I certainly intend to visit KHW when I go back. (When! Not if.) I miss Stephansplatz and I miss the Rathausplatz and the many festivals that take place there and the coffeehouses on every corner! You can't find a bad one. And Aida is one of my favorite places for being all over the place and having so much cake.

    Yes - I agree. Vienna is beautiful.


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