Monday, December 6, 2010

FO: Über-minimalist wristwarmers

The wrist warmers are complete. That was a very quick knit if we ignore the fact that the prep was done months ago by my sister who patiently threaded those beads. I used in total just under 200 beads for both wrist warmers, but that is just my rough estimation, don't think you can make me actually count them. :)

Drops Alpaca is soft and warm, it comes in great colours and is generally a joy to knit with. Normally I'd try to avoid using 1.25mm needles, but this is such a fast knit that it was really no problem at all.

Unfortunately, this pair is going to be a present to my MIL. Unfortunately, because I quite like them myself. Once I get the hang of threading the beads easier, I'll get to knitting some more pairs. This seems as a good and quick Xmas present knit.


  1. Mmmmm... taip skaniai žalia..... :)

  2. Those are so pretty!! And alpaca is so cozy. those pretty gold beads just finish it off, for sure.

  3. Labai labai gražios! Ir kokie tempai!

  4. graziai cia spalvas suderinai (prie ziedo ir prie zoles is po sniego).

    oi ieskosim tau stambiu karoliuku... ;)

    kaip ten del tos keturkampes skaros? ;)
    jau tuoj kokios sukneles gausiu uzsiprasyt vietoj to? :-) :p

  5. These are lovely! I've never used beads in knitting before - I can only imagine the patience it would take to thread 200 of them!

  6. These are ooh so pretty! I love the beaded detail, so elegant against the green!! Your MIL's gonna love them!

  7. turejau su-google'inti, kas yra MIL. mother in law? duh! ;)

    mezgeju zargonas ;)