Sunday, December 26, 2010

FO: Frozen

A new pair of wrist warmers is complete. I used only 37 grams (!) of Misti  Alpaca Baby Alpaca. This is a lace yarn, so I doubled it. I got two skeins of this yarn in Webs' annual sale and it makes me happy 'coz as I weighed the leftovers I realized that I still have enough yarn to make another pair of wrist warmers for me (once I get to it). I used the Lithuanian pattern book and this time there was no deviation from the original chart.

They are fuzzy and warm and I bet the recipient will be happy about them. I am still finishing off some of Xmas presents as I have another 2 days till I see my husband's part of the family. Since all the heavy cooking is over, it is nice to be able to relax, enjoy the sweets and the knitting. I'll leave you with a picture of my new favourite Xmas cookies...

Wishing you all a relaxing festive season,



  1. They are absolutely gorgeous. Must have taken a lot of patience to add all those beads.

  2. Su šventėm! Visų svajonių išsipildymo :)

    Puikios riešinės, tas pūkelis taip jaukiai atrodo..

  3. The mitts and the cookies are both beautiful!

  4. Your wristwarmers are lovely in that purple lace. What kind of cookies are those? They look delicious.

  5. Aga, mezginiai labai gražūs, bet mane irgi domina, kas čia per pyragaičiai? Atrodo nerealiai skaniai ;) kokosinius "makaronus" jau išbandžiau - puikūs :)


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