Monday, September 6, 2010

yarn cakes

I decided to make some yarn cakes today. And tried out my new yarn swift and ball winder. However, two of the cakes flew off the ball winder, one seems to have come out rather tight, the other one a bit loose. The rest are perfect. I guess I need practice with my new toys.

It is all Cascade 220 that I got off Webs' annual sale. What I am unsure of is which blue goes better with the vandyke (col # 7822) brown.

Is it #9452 - summery sky or #9332 - sapphire? I'm leaning towards the summery sky at the moment as the contrast is greater. This should after all be a contrasting colour that highlights the garment. But sapphire blue is also so pretty.


  1. Sadly, I do not yet have a swift, but I did recently acquire a ball winder. I've found that although they come off the thing a little loose seeming sometimes, after they sit for a while, they seem to settle into the middle, and then they're all good. And definitely better than what I used to end up with when hand-winding balls!

  2. I really like the sapphire one, would be great with the brown..

  3. @ Kingshearte: Oh, working with a ball winder is surely producing much better yarn balls. And that is better for yarn anyway than the overtight hand-wound ones. :) I'm very happy with my swift, it makes the whole process so easy.

  4. Congrats on a new swift and ball winder! I have a winder with me but I don't use it because I find it too hard without a swift, so I've been learning how to wind yarn by hand. It's not what I expected! Great choice of yarn, by the way; I'm a little in love with Cascade 220. ;)


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