Friday, September 3, 2010

FO: All flared out

As I still had some light blue merino wool left and it turned out that it was a baby GIRL that all the knits were going to, I knew I had to make a dress. The stitched on flower is my attemt to make it girly, but my stiching skills need desperate improvement.

My dear one's comment to this FO was: 'didn't you have any girly colours?' There you go, I guess I owe this little girl some girlier moments that I plan to improve as soon as I get some nice pink yarn. :) Any suggestions?

Yarn: Austermann Merino 160.
Needles: 3mm (US 2.5) circulars. Yes, I am on a circular mania right now.
Pattern: Little Sister's Dress by Tora Frøseth.
Size: 3 months.
Notes: The pattern is perfect as it is, but as I had to complement the  by popular belief baby boyish colour, I finished up with a much more flared out end bit. Also, I figure this gives much more room for diapers.


  1. I'm all for baby girls in non-standard colours!

  2. I'm all for baby girls in non-standard colours!

  3. Girls can wear blue too. And hell, if I were the parent of a baby girl, in the sea of pinks things, I think I'd be happy for a bit of blue.

    Oh, and also, it's adorable.

  4. I agree with everyone here. I think more boys should wear pink and more girls blue.

  5. I'm surprise that I didn't even notice that it wasn't pink! It still looks very girly to me!!! I'll be back to read the suggestions you get because I need some too! Have a great weekend!


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