Wednesday, August 4, 2010

socks and other knits

Yesterday I wound up a perfect skein of yarn (100% cashmere!) in a perfect colourway...

... and started a new project right away.

It's still a secret as I am trying things out. Initially I wanted to start something lacy, but it didn't look as good as I pictured it in DK, so I ripped back and started new.

I also have some socks on the needles.

This is Rick by Cookie A. Normally I prefer the toe-up method, but the Sock Innovation book has such amazing patterns that I just keep on knitting. This is already my 5th pair of socks out of that book and I'm sure there'll be more.


  1. I love both yarns, but the red one is really rich.. So what are ou knitting? A shawl?

  2. oooh, cashmere!! what a gorgeous shade of red, too. that sock pattern looks amazing!!

  3. Those yarns are so beautiful! Enjoy!

  4. oh my, that red is so fab! cashmere! sighing with envy here :)


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