Friday, August 20, 2010

hmmm... a test...

I've knit this wraplan for my niece/nephew who's been due to come to this world since last Friday. I used this pattern 2 years ago with  the same yarn. However, this time the little cardi grew considerably after washing. Well, it's not a baby wraplan anymore (I was knitting 3-6months size just like the previous time), I think it'd now suit a one-year old.

So, the wraplan is in the dryer now and in just a little bit I'll see if that was a good idea... 

The colours are somewhat off in the pictures, but I wanted to show the cute elephant buttons that I found for this.


  1. Lovely colours, and the pink elephants buttons will really finish it off! 3/6 months / 1 yr, they grow so fast, I am sure he will wear it at some point!

  2. The buttons are actually red. :) I'll have to get some proper light for the FO pictures.

  3. Wow, look at the colour of the wraplan! Amazing!

  4. oh my gosh, those elephant buttons are amazing!!!

  5. Labai gerai, kad megztukas išaugo, nors ilgiau pasidžiaugs (greičiausiai, tėvai, dar ne vaikas:). Nes vaikai auga tooookiais tempais!...

  6. Those buttons are *adorable*. Hope the dryer works!

  7. zinai, kad Liz Plymouth'e?
    gal per tavo vizita iseitu ja aplankyt (tiksliau, pas ja apsistot ir aplankyt bratka/seimyna).

    tik ideja!

    labai grazus mezginys ir labai faini drambliukai.

    kada mano sagos pas tave atvyks...

  8. Those buttons are adorable! And hey, if the sweater's a bit big, it just means the wee one will be able to wear it for longer.


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