Wednesday, July 7, 2010

that ages ago finished featherweight

Wow, I actually finished this cardi in January (had to check Ravelry for this). I started it back in November and had it all (sans sleeves) knit in a week or so. Then it went into hibernation until mid-January when I finally made myself knit those two sleeves. Afterwards it got loads of wear - you can see the yarn is already pilling. I've used Gloss Lace (Knit Picks) only for shawls before and I guess that's a note for myself not to try it out for any other garments.

Otherwise, I love the colour and the shine of the yarn and it feels super soft on the skin. Overall, a keeper. It is so versatile. I can imagine knitting it again, with a different edging or even a minimalist version of it.


  1. oh yes, you have to be proud, it looks so nice! Love the colour.

  2. It's so pretty!! that colour really is amazing on you.

  3. Atrodo labai dailiai - ir matosi, kad tiesiog "limpa" prie kūno

  4. Beautiful. So good that you have finished it.


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