Thursday, July 29, 2010

stripes in progress again

This is my Karius (stockinette version of Baktus) scarf. I've always wanted one in this Schokocreme Zauberball colourway. It is rolling a lot, but that's stockinette. It's turning out just the way I imagined. It was supposed to be a gift, but I am not that sure of it anymore.

In other knitting news, I am about to frog my double V cardi. I haven't worked on those two sleeves for ages and really, there are only about 5 rows left. Now I'm browsing Ravelry to see what I could use Soft Linen for. This looks quite cute and maybe I should make my MIL happy by knitting it for her? Tough call. I think there would even be enough yarn for that lace vest and for this one. I just need to try a swatch, I guess.


  1. If you love it I think you should keep it.

    You can always knit a second one for your gift...

  2. Skani spalva - nors visos Zauberball spalvos tokios :). Įsivaizduoju, kaip bus sunku skirtis...

  3. That scarf is gorgeous, seriously, don't gift it!!!

  4. The colours are beautiful and the scarf is so lovely. I agree with mooncalf and a homely heroine. If you love it, keep it.


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