Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It is hot outside, but I am not complaining about that (not too much, anyway). It would be nice to have ac everywhere, but I'm enjoying the sun. It is too hot, though, to be knitting a bigger garment. Sleeves are fine. Or socks.

These are some leftover socks. I am using Regia and Zauberwolle. So far I love the combination. I am trying to switch off the symmetry thinking and will have 2 not completely identical socks (or so I think).

What are you knitting in this heat?


  1. very cute sock so far!! I'm working on a dress (insane, I know) and I just finished a cowl last night. Today I'm planning on casting on for Sheldon, the turtle stuffie!

  2. I WISH I had small projects on my needles but I'm contorting myself every which way around my big projects so they don't lay on my lap.

    Wouldn't trade it for winter, though! Bring on the HOT!

  3. I'm on a knit-break! Though I'm thinking about some patterns from the rowan vintage knits...

  4. beaded cami with rayon!
    although on really hot days.. i just find myself knitting


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